Colour Series // GREEN

Colour evokes feeling. It incites emotion. We take a look at colour psychology to assist you in choosing your optimum Dehei bedding colour and make your space, not just LOOK great, but also, FEEL a certain way.

Colour Series // GREEN

Colour Psychology is all about how each colour affects a person’s mood, cognitive functions, creativity, and productivity. The colour of the walls, furniture and decor in your home play an important role in the psyche of the inhabitant. Reap the benefits of this science to assist you in selecting your optimum Dehei bedding colour and make your space, not just LOOK great, but also, FEEL a certain way. 

Green means GO so we can't think of a better colour to kick off the series.



Green is a dominant colour in nature which represents natural environments. Being associated with a place where all the basic needs can be satisfied, such as finding food, water, shelter, the colour green provides a sense of security. 

In colour psychology, with green being highly connected to nature and money - growth, fertility, health, and generosity are some of the positive colour meanings for the colour. 

As well as being calming, the colour green has been found to enhance positive cognitive and therapeutic outcomes, such as improved memory, problem-solving and positive thinking as well as less mood disturbance and less perceived exertion. 




Green Is Calming 

Out of all the colours on the colour wheel, green is regarded as the most restful and relaxing colour for the human eye. Green symbolizes harmony, tranquility and peace.

Green has significant calming effects. People who are about to appear on TV or perform often wait in a holding area that is painted in green colour aka "The Green Room." The idea is that green will help them relax and focus, and also reduce their anxiety. Shades of green can help put people at ease in a new places. For this reason, designers often feature the colour green in public spaces.

One study found a "green exercise effect" on participants who exercised indoors while watching a video of outdoor space with a green overlay. They experienced less mood disturbance and perceived less exertion than when they watched the same video with other colour overlays.




Green's calming effects might derive from its association with nature, which people typically experience as relaxing and refreshing. Some researchers think the positive association with green is hardwired in our brains from evolution: Early humans knew that green in nature indicated a place where they could find food, water, and shelter. In ancient mythology, green commonly represented fertility. 

Spending time in green environments or even looking at pictures of green scenery in nature has been linked to stress relief, better impulse control, and improved focus. 





Green Is Motivating 

Although some find green a relaxing colour, others say it motivates them. One study found that people with a "high need for achievement" more consistently chose the colour green over other colours. Study participants also associated words related to success with the colour green.

Research also has shown that creativity is likely to increase when people are surrounded by the colour green and have access to green views of nature. In one study, a green-lit environment even improved reading ability in participants.

As a soothing, relaxing colour, the colour green enhances stability and endurance. 






Green Is Optimistic 

The colour green is most often associated with growth and renewal, and it promotes optimism, hopefulness, and balance. When we are surrounded by nature and greenery, it’s very natural for us to feel healthy, energized, and in general – full of life. Now, colour psychology says that even if you are indoors, by using the colour green in your space, you can invoke that same feeling of being in a life-affirming, health-promoting atmosphere.

Color influences not only our emotions but also our memories. One study presented people with a list of emotionally charged words written in different colours. They were then asked to recall specific words. They were more likely to recall positive words written in green, leading researchers to theorize that green carries more positive emotional connotations. 

If green is your colour of choice, it is said that you are typically down to earth and aware of what other people think of you, seeking acknowledgement and acceptance for the everyday things you do. A good reputation is very important to you, and you might feel a deep need to feel safe and secure, with a deep longing to love and be loved. Lovers of green are often said to be loyal, honest, and affectionate - do you agree? 



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