wash & care

Our bedding is made of 100% organic cotton which is subject to changes in shape over time, including shrinkage.

You can take steps to minimise this by following our recommended wash and care instructions. 

We advise our customers to wash all our bedding at 40°C and to line dry. Wash separately or with similar colours. It is possible to tumble dry at medium heat and to wash at 60°C or warmer, but we advise our customers only to do it if hard stains occur.

Our jersey cotton is piece dyed to achieve a certain look, due to this piece dying process it will bleed in wet conditions, so try and avoid leaving the jersey in the washing machine too long after the washing cycle has finished or leaving on the line in the rain.

Dehei jersey bedding has a worn in elegance that will soften and fade beautifully over time with washes and wear.