Colour Series // Yellow

A warm and sunny welcome back to part two of our colour series where we explore colour psychology and how certain colours affect mood, cognitive functions, creativity, and productivity. 

Colour Series // Yellow

Today we take a little look at the colour yellow - the brightest colour on the visible light spectrum and the most noticeable of all colours to the human eye. We know the colours used in your home play an important role in the psyche of the inhabitant, so when choosing your Dehei bedding, is yellow right for you? Let’s find out! 







Yellow Is Energetic

Yellow is perceived as being a high-energy colour. It is often used in situations and products intended to create a sense of excitement or energy. It's bright and immediately grabs the eye. It can seem fresh, intense, overwhelming, or even in some cases brash and forceful in its energy. If you are going through a-lot of big changes in your life you may find it harder to tolerate the colour yellow, it will pass, it just means you are having trouble coping with those changes and yellow vibrates too fast for you. If this is the case introduce more soft greens / oranges for a while to balance and restore your energy.


Yellow Is Cheerful

Is there any colour more cheerful than yellow? For many people, yellow is seen as a bright and uplifting colour. Yellow is not only used to draw attention but also to evoke a sense of happiness. 

The colour yellow exudes brightness, light, vitality, energy, optimism, willingness to grow and outshine. Sun stars sunflower are the objects that most are associated with the colour yellow.




Yellow is Optimistic

Yellow is associated with sunshine, hope, laughter, warmth, happiness, and energy. Yellow is found to make a person feel spontaneous and happy. A splash of yellow on anything dull or dark can make a person feel cheerful and optimistic.

Have you ever wondered why the little smiley emojis are yellow? It is because the yellow colour aids in releasing a chemical in the brain called Serotonin which acts as a mood stabiliser, also known as a happy chemical.




Yellow is Stimulating

Studies have proven that the yellow colour wakes up your brain and enhances concentration. Yellow also increases activity in the left brain which is responsible for rational thinking and analytical ability.

Yellow-coloured items in a room at times have been found to activate our thinking processes and generate new ideas. During exam prep or working on projects, placing a yellow-coloured item or lamp near you can help you become more analytical, find solutions through creative processes or create your own solutions strategy to problems. Yellow is used to make someone pause and take note of the surroundings (think of traffic lights, stop signs, or hazardous warnings).

Yellow inspires original thought and inquisitiveness and is creative from a mental aspect, the colour of new ideas, helping us to find new ways of doing things.





So who is drawn to the colour yellow?

Yellow as a favourite colour is said to represent happiness and a love of learning. You probably love to express your individuality by creating new ideas and sharing your collected knowledge with others, and might have a deep need for logical order in your everyday life. Yellow is the colour of sunshine, and will instantly invite feelings of warmth, happiness, and love into your home.




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