Moments in-between // Hadas and Mieke

Welcome home to "moments in-between", a new Dehei mini series in collaboration with Photographer Mieke Verbijlen and stylist Hadas Cnaani of 2girls3cats2camera, documenting for this series the interiors of friends' houses but more importantly, the people who compose them. 

The creative duo both live in Antwerp, Belgium, exploring the world of visuals, edibles and an imaginative approach to fashion. Spend an afternoon in the home of Hadas herself and home of friend Charlotte.

Moments in-between  // Hadas and Mieke

In their work, Mieke and Hadas document the interiors of friends' houses as compositions of objects and incidences of light, not to give an image of the interiors themselves, but to gain access to the person who has composed them. Their series therefore do not want to provide an overview of a home; above all, they want to show what it means to someone else to be at home.







"What we call home is not just the place where we live, but a background composed by ourselves, a normality isolated from the world and others to fall back on, a background that allows us to 'come to ourselves'. It is the place where we can shamelessly indulge in our personal obsessions and desires, in our books and records, in arranging our things, in daydreaming and sleeping. It is a place that only arises when we have been able to organize our things and thoughts into something that belongs to us or perhaps even resembles us, a mental space where we can blend into the background and think or be nothing special but ourselves for a while." Mieke.
















 Thank you Mieke, Hadas and friends for sharing these special moments at home with us. 



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