Sun is shining, weather is sweet

To celebrate Father's day we caught up with Artist and Father Ryder Jones. Ryder lives on the North coast of NZ in a quaint cottage with wife Ophelia, also an Artist + Photographer, and their two year old son Emanuel. It is here that the pair realised their intuition has served them well. They spend their days making and dreaming up new projects and finding happiness in their full rhythm and routine, being both creatives and young parents.

Sun is shining, weather is sweet

Morning swims, reading, surfing, yoga, gardening, precious moments with Emanuel - daily rituals encouraging a slower pace and experimentation. The beautiful natural landscapes surrounding, naturally offering up a lifestyle in which it is clear they are flourishing. It is hard to imagine the outside world intruding in on this dreamlike bubble, and the words written on a love note from Ryder to his wife, pinned to the wall of their artists beach shack: "Sun is shining, weather is sweet", could not encapsulate the essence of this creative family more perfectly. 


Get to know a little more about Ryder and his Fatherhood journey so far below.  





What surprised you most about becoming a father for the first time?

When my son was born I saw him as a being purely himself, made of his mother and me, but immediately I saw he was a person who was not me or his mother. When his body stretched itself out for the first time, I understood this to be true.


What qualities do you love from your own father?  

My father is patient and kind , both hard and soft, he cries but he is also fierce. He is a steady force in our family. I am different than my father but I aspire to treat my son as he treated me.






Favourite thing about fatherhood?

Taking outdoors baths !

How our days are full of rhythm and routine.

When I look into his eyes and I see the sky reflected in the wet pools of his eyes. I see myself reflected too.









Has becoming a father impacted the way you approach your work?’

I make better use of my time ! 


Best dad-hack?

My friend Reuben is a great surfer and a father , he can do some of the best dad hacks I’ve ever seen, he rides fast down the line and cuts a slash across the blue surface of the wave .This is the only dad hack I know. 








First thing you do when you wake up?

I do some yoga with Emanuel, he sits on my back as I do cat cow. 


Last thing you do when you go to sleep?

I lay on my back and ask my mind to take me somewhere I’ve never been. If I surfed that day I remember my best waves.


What is your favourite thing in your bedroom?

My wife and child !


How will you celebrate fathers day this year?

I’ll go swimming!





Ryder and Emanuel on film by Ophelia.

Thank you for sharing these heart-warming moments with us. 

Bed dressed in Mimosa
Ryder dressed in Nufferton PJs


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