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Pillow Talk with Tilly Barber

Welcome back to 'Pillow Talk', a series of intimate conversations in bed with friends of Dehei. Today we wake up with Tilly Barber - Mum and Furniture Designer. Tilly is the founder of 'Monde' - a sustainable seating brand, she also runs a furniture restoration/ sourcing business ‘Homebody’. Surrounded by nature and furnished beautifully with unique, recycled, and lasting one-off pieces, Tilly opens the doors to her beautiful home that she shares with son, Mars. 

Pillow Talk with Tilly Barber


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do:

I am Tilly, I live on a small 5acre bush block in North Warrandyte, half an hour away from Melbourne, I am mum to Mars ( 8 ) and furniture designer.

How would people describe you in 3 words?

Candid, Particular.... (Hyper)active.

Who/what inspires you and your work?

My work is heavily inspired by fundamentalist design mostly originating from the 1960's and 1970s - I find Nomadic design really clever and cool, Dieter Rams is probably the most commonly known designer that I resonate with - although in contrast, I can't deny that the absurd, weird, even useless object has its place! I draw a lot from tangible relationships with objects, how things function, feel to use touch and experience has become interesting and profound to me since I began exploring design. I am the person at the dinner party zoning out because I'm analysing the spoons.










What are you currently reading, watching, listening to?

Listening to Alaska A LOT at the moment!  I have so much trouble finding time to read but I've been slowly digesting 'The World According to Colour' a cultural history by James Fox. It explores theories around the relationship we have with colour - super interesting and I have been making reference to it when helping clients and customers select finishes for their space.

 Go to bed early or stay up late?

LATE! If I am not working, turbo-cleaning or moving objects and furniture around in the house late at night I am probably losing hours to the vortex that is Facebook Marketplace.

Get up early or sleep in?

7am - This hour usually offers a moment of still before the dizzying chaos that is a work / school morning.













Fave midnight snack and /or breakfast in bed?

I am not a midnight snacker but Coffee & the The Quizz in bed is a luxury I could definitely get around more!

Last thing you do before you go to sleep?

I guess the moments before going to sleep are spent gathering and organising thoughts and ideas, reflecting on the day that was and planning what I will be doing when I wake up again - despite countless recommendations to meditate before bed i find it really hard, I suppose planning and collating thoughts is a form of centering that works for me.

First thing you do when you wake up?

I recently bought a refurbished coffee machine because Ioved the 'flower' shaped nozzles - it's old and take a while to warm up so the first thing I do when I get out of bed is fire it up then jump in the shower. By the time I am dressed for the day it's ready to use! I really like making my bed before I begin the day if i can! It makes me feel put together and it's nice to hop into a made bed at night.












Do you have any bedtime rituals?


What is your current relationship with rest / sleep?

As a mum I think my relationship with sleep is a little compromised, most nights I end up sharing my bed with a very cuddly little human; I guess you could say our relationship with sleep is a perpetual work in progress. Whilst I can admit to feeling deprived I equally appreciate that my child needs to reliably seek out safety as he develops his sense of security in the world at his pace, it is an honour to provide that for him and I have no doubt I will miss this time once it has passed.







Favourite things in your bedroom?

My bedroom is pretty sparse, consisting of a bed + a set of drawers + A single chair and a very special Akari lamp gifted to me by my partner and friend last year. The lamp would be my favourite thing in my room  - possibly even, in my entire house.

Photos by Thomas Galletly

Thank you Tilly and Mars for sharing these joyful moments with us!

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Tilly's bed is dressed in Mushroom sheet, Clae Duvet and Mimosa Slips. 

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